BMT Drive Solutions Couplings for Rail

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Being a global leader in railway drive systems, we understand the importance of continuous development. Therefore, we decided to extend the range of products that we offer to also include couplings apart from gearboxes. That way, we have become a partner who can supply more comprehensive drive solutions. Dedicated development has seen us arrive at a point where we can offer both standard and tailor-made couplings. Together with our gearboxes, these couplings ensure that we are a provider of more comprehensive drive solutions.


Customer comfort is a key concept in the production and development of our own couplings.
Indeed, by providing gearboxes as well as couplings to our customers, we ensure that they have to deal with only one partner. This greatly eliminates the risk of delays and misunderstandings while highlighting our position as a close partner to our customers. Apart from customer comfort, there is also the notion of control. In providing our customers with couplings, we have control over the entire production process. That way, we can fully assure and guarantee the prime quality of the couplings we deliver. After all, couplings are incredibly important components in a train despite what their small size might suggest. Without a working coupling, a train simply does not move. To ensure the top quality of this small part with a big impact, we took control of the entire production process.


Aside from the actual manufacturing of couplings, we also assist our clients whenever they have issues with couplings made either by us or by any other manufacturer. The vast experience we have built up over many years is a significant asset for the services we provide. Indeed, by installing couplings over the years, we have gained a solid knowledge of which features enable the highest rate of efficiency and reliability. Also, it helps us to develop couplings that have a proven reliability and an extensive running cycle at a total life cycle cost that is as low as possible.