BMT Drive Solutions Gearboxes for Rail

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In our business, reliability is key. Every day, millions of people rely on trains, trams and metros to reach their destinations safely, comfortably and reliably. In turn, these trains have to rely on solid operating systems. That’s where our gearboxes and couplings come in. Since 1993, we have been providing gearboxes and couplings for this specialised market and have become market leaders as well. That proves that many different rolling stock operators have faith in what we do and in our dedicated, experienced people. Reliability is crucial in this industry and we are the go-to providers of it. After all, we can pride ourselves on having a global presence. Our supply experience contains, among others, SNCF (Fr), DB (De), New York Transit Authority, Indian Railways, RENFE (Es) and many more.


We differentiate ourselves from competitors through focussing on operational excellence, a custom-made approach and customer comfort. This ensures that our gearboxes and couplings are highly efficient, reliable and long lasting. In other words, we can absolutely guarantee the lowest possible total life cycle cost. Apart from being a dedicated, reliable gearbox manufacturer, we are also a complete one. For us the “product” is not only limited to the technical scope of supply. Our product is to supply solutions to our customers, including reliability and maintainability requirements set-forth by the end customers. Additionally, we are ready to supply all possible drive configurations for all your types of vehicles: fully or semi-suspended.


Furthermore, we can rely on many years of experience, which has taught us extensively which specific features ensure a long service life and optimal reliability. Apart from that, there’s also our experience in working with several rough material suppliers. That has taught us to sellect and work with only the best ones among them. On top of that, the couplings we provide are designed along the same standards of excellence. This makes life easier for you as a customer, as you only have to rely on one partner for your drive solution.


Our commitment to operational excellence consists of several factors. First, we make sure that every rail gearbox that leaves one of our plants is extensively tested. That way, the rolling stock in which they are installed, will be able to perform in even the most demanding of conditions. Our very strong Quality Management System has also allowed us to systematically be approved for several quality labels. Next, we aim to cater to all sorts of rolling stock. From heavy duty locomotives to lighter versions and from high speed trains to slower, city trams. Apart from a reliable, top-quality gearboxes, we also offer full aftermarket overhaul services as well as wheel axles.


Finally, there is customer comfort. First of all, thanks to our global presence, we are available at all times and in all locations. Apart from reachability, there’s also flexibility. We are open to producing small as well as big volumes and are able to manufacture all the required components in-house. Also, we can use own-branded and tested key components such as bearings, rubber-metal elements and reaction rods. Next, we insist on providing a full scope of detailed documentation for all productions we deliver.