BMT Drive Solutions Overhaul Rail Gearboxes

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As a global leader in railway drive systems, we are the partner by choice for comprehensive drive solutions. Apart from that, we also provide a full range of overhaul services for gearboxes, couplings and entire wheelsets. Many years of research, development and, ultimately, experience have allowed us to become your ideal partner for all sorts of aftermarket services. After all, as a rolling stock operator, you know best that long lasting operations require reliable products and thorough service.


The first-rate service we offer is customised, reliable and comprehensive. As an added advantage to our customers, any overhaul or aftermarket service can be carried out by the same company that has provided the original product. Our overhaul services for rail gearboxes will contain the following five main parts:

  • Repair, maintenance and overhauls carried out on all gearboxes, including ones assembled by any other manufacturer than IGW. Service contracts will last for the entire life cycle of the gearbox.
  • Overhaul of entire wheelsets.
  • Supplying spare parts for customers who want to carry out overhauls by themselves.
  • Reengineering of gearboxes not made by IGW.
  • Assembly and test training of our customers’ employees when they want to carry out overhauls themselves.


Apart from the overhaul services mentioned above, we also offer some additional ones. First, we are ready to assist in re-ratio projects in gearboxes when engines are upgraded. Next, apart from overhauling gearboxes, IGW is your partner too in the overhaul of gearbox couplings. Here as well, we can also overhaul a coupling not made by IGW.


In short, you can count on IGW to overhaul your gearbox and drive systems. We are the go-to, reliable and capable partner you are looking for.